John Tom Branson (pictured), had a very non-traditional background. Southerner, turned midwesterner. Assembly-line factory worker, turned charcoal miner. His leisure time was spent barbecuing and wood smoking meat, but his sauce was the real MVP. Perfecting the small-batch craft before it was a movement, John Tom brought his southern values to midwest flavor.


Rick's Boatyard has partnered with JohnTom's for over 10 years. It's the perfect sauce to compliment all of our barbecue dishes!

Chef Mike Hibbeln, Rick's Cafe Boatyard

There’s such a unique robustness about these barbecue sauces, and the guys behind the product, that makes people gravitate toward them. I’ve witnessed it. It’s one of the best out there on the market.

Chef Pam Ward, Chef Pam's Meal Prep

With almost 29 years in this industry I have made and tasted many BBQ sauces and this product definitely will rival any out there - including mine. We had an opportunity to visit a food show in Indianapolis and met you guys. We were truly impressed with your professionalism and the passion your team has for your products.

If you haven’t tried any of Indiana’s Premier BBQ Sauce from JohnTom’s Barbecue, you should! My personal favorite is Sneaky Hot, with some pork belly or braised beef short ribs. Simply delicious!! Thanks for providing such a excellent product. Keep up the great work.

Executive Chef Specialist William Passino, Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation

First, I come from Tennessee and a long line of BBQ folk. And this is from a guy who, for the past 25 years, has been widely known for his homemade sauce. So much so, everyone who has had it, pushes me to bottle and sell it. Now that’s high praise indeed, but I have to say that I don’t even make my sauce anymore since I found JohnTom’s. Seriously, it is that dang good. I have never found a bottled sauce that came anywhere close to mine, let alone made me think there is something better out there. This is the most versatile, well rounded line of sauces I have ever had. I use it on everything  from pork, to brisket, I even dip my homemade fries in it.  You guys HAVE IT RIGHT.

Dave Lee, Hot Shop Valpo (Owner) and BBQ Aficionado